My Playground

One of my passions are parenting and the education of children. I’ve been inspired by the relationship with my son to continuously educate myself in this area. So in 2013 I started an non guvernamental organization with the purpose of helping other parents and children to improve their relationship and navigate life with more ease and happiness.

One day Vlad comes from school and tells me how certain children have trouble speaking in front of the class. He was very sad that his friend started to cry when he missed an answer and the other kids started to laugh. I asked him if he cries when he doesn’t get the right answer and he told that, no, because he usually laughs with the group.

“Mom, my friend cries when he answers in front of the class because other laugh at him.”

I decided to offer them some training to better understand their emotions. I think I called it “How to talk in front of the class”. Parents were exited to hear that and agreed on spot for their children to participate. This is how everything started.

There are  4 topics which I perceive as essential for preteens to know, in order to navigate the adolescence period and further their professional life with more ease. The traditional school system in Romania does not teach this topics.

How to talk in front of the class? or Emotional intelligence workshop

Who am I and what is my role in the community? or Self esteem workshop

What do I find online?  or Social media workshop

Relationships between male and female and body science

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