Would you hire an employ on a key position without any practice in the specific field? I would guess not. So why would you act different when it is to choose your consultant?

I am a consultant, a manager, an entrepreneur, a trainer and a team leader. I am specialized in optimizing business processes. My area of expertize is non-food retail stores and services.

I have started in 2005  the collaboration with the second largest shoe retailer of Europe and in 2009 I grew to be managing director for the same company. 2015 I chose to take a break and to explore further career opportunities. 2017 settled for consultingMy values are: authenticity, empowerment, fairness.

How I got to manage a 10 Mil. Euro business at 28?

In 2009, the main partner who was bringing the highest turnover to our company, asked for me to take the lead, because they were unhappy with the person in charge. He went  to the CEO of the group and told him that they will only talk to Oana in Romania. So over night I took the lead of the company. Literally. It happened thanks to my open and friendly character, fast learning ability and empowering people around me and always willing to reach the common goals in the best way possible. I value the relationship before the outcome of the negotiation, always looking for a win-win solution.

Funny fact: You wonder how much the longest negotiation lasted? Six hours. 

I have  an extensive experience in leading and optimizing non-food retail businesses. I had the opportunity to work with large retail partners like Metro C&C, Selgros C&C, real,-, Cora, Carrefour, RENO stores, Sprider Stores, Stooker Brands to understand their buying process and their operations and to learn best practices out of it. 

Because I value fairness, I always come with strategies proposals who meet all the needs of the stakeholders like business owner, partners, employees and customers with measurable effects in the bottom line. The customer experience and employees satisfaction are my guide lines.

I own a large network of people in the retail environment so I always know who to contact for a specific business. I am specialized in working with German companies in German language but also enjoy collaborating with companies from other parts of the world in English.

In 2012 I graduated the Executive MBA at WU Executive Academy Vienna and since 2013 I am an authorized trainer. 

Contact me for a discussion about how I can bring value to your company.