You, sir, are so good looking! – Dealing with difficult customers

This is an article about customer communication and how one can change a clients experience with looking at the situation from a different angle.

I was in the weekend at OMV in Rasnov, Romania, waiting to pay for a coffee. At the other cash desk was a male customer arguing with the salesperson who happened to be a women.

“Last time I also had to wait a lot and you didn’t manage to do it.” The lady said she was sorry, asked the colleague how to do it and was obviously under a lot of pressure. The customer continued angrily:

“I should stop visiting your store, It’s not possible to have the same negative experience twice, such poor services.”

I was watching the whole scene curious how it will end, when I hear the voice of a women from the back:

“You look so good, sir, that she forgot the steps she needed to do. I watched her also last time. Isn’t it right girls that he’s very handsome?” When I heard that, I took a closer look to the customer and saw that he had blue eyes and he really was attractive. I started to laugh and decided to support the social-emotional intelligent employee who managed to save the situation. Beware. If you choose to do that it has to be authentic, don’t mock the person. You have to truly believe what you are saying.

“I totally agree.” And give a large smile to the gentlemen who started blushing. So we all started to laugh, he went and sat down at a table. In between the employees managed to solve his problem. We said goodbye in a friendly tone of voice wishing to each other happy holidays.

With one single sentence, the whole experience of the customers in the store (the one who started and others were watching) and of the employees has been changed. The open minded employee looked at the situation from another perspective and decided to make o joke in order to decrease the tension and change the experience. Do you have similar situations? Share them in the comments with me.

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