How to charge your clients double for the same product

One of the important points when selling products is to know very well your customers and market. If you are not competing on prices and you are trying to differentiate yourself, than telling a story and binding the customers emotionally is essential.

I really like the Ferrero Rocher products, all of them, although some say they are unhealthy. I try though not to eat them that much, having to reasons: one they are unhealthy, two they charge way to much for the products. Let me show you.

Romanian retailer are obliged since some time to show the price per kilogram at the food products. So I started to compare it when buying Raffaellos, my son favorites.

Surprise! If you buy the small packaging it costs 30% than the medium one per kilogram. If you buy a certain event packaging, like Christmas Specials you can pay up to double for the same quantity. Is the cost of the product double? No.

Than why do people buy it? Here are my ideas on the topic:

  • The Raffaello customers have an average income and above.
  • Because lack of time (they spend it earning the money) they do not care much about the price, but about buying it fast, so you can find the special editions on pop up islands at the entrance, in your way.
  • Because of lack of time, they don’t want to bother with wrapping the gift, so the nice packaging shaped specific for certain holidays meet perfectly their need.
  • They wish to buy a story, a message, a mood along with the sweet, tasty product. In this case a Christmas tree packaging or ornament packaging or Christmas card. Some have a special card with wishes or message “To ……. a special person”


So guess how much more you can charge your client for this special mood product offered to your customers? Twice as more. And Ferrero shows how.

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