How (not) to bore your potential clients to death

…and waste their time.

A lot of companies and their representatives have the tendency to meet with a potential client and to talk about themselves and their company.

So I am asking you, did you researched about you meeting partner upfront the meeting? Yes? Probably so did he. My advice would be not to bore him with information he can find one click away, you waste both your precious time, and that will not be a plus for your collaboration.

What can you do instead? Ask him questions. Find out why he accepted to meet you. What needs/problems does he have and how can you meet them. If it is business to business see how you can meet the needs of his clients.

To assume you know why somebody accepted a meeting with you without asking is one of the greatest mistakes you can do and most of the times you will end up losing that client if he is not in a grate need and you the only supplier who can help him out (what are the chances?). You know how how they interpret  “assume”: “don’t make an ass of you and me

Among the questions you can ask are:

  • What raised your interest in our company?
  • How can we complement your current product line?
  • Why you wish to replace your former partner?
  • What is your short and mid term strategy?
  • I researched a bit about your customers, can you provide me with detailed information about…? And so on.

Only after having all information think of a tailor made offer for your potential partner. Trying to sell him a product that he doesn’t need or trick him into buying will just lead to a one time purchase. If that is ok for you, than go for it. If you wish to establish a long term relationship with your client based on mutual gained advantage, than take your time and follow the steps above.

I am an optimist, can’t help myself. I see changed mentalities and companies who will make a positive impact in their communities instead of just trying to take advantage. I see people looking for win win solutions and collaboration. If you wish some support with your sales pitch or materials contact me, I will be more than gladly to share my thoughts.

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