7 steps for a successful, long lasting retail relationship

Relationships are the ground basis for every successful business interaction. My superpower is to build relationships. I am a person who meets people and after 5-10 years they are still happy to talk to me, to meet and recommend to their partners. They call me trustworthy, honest, professional onest and fun to be with. After a little bit of soul searching I came up with this 7 steps I do when entering a business relationship:

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  1. Find out if there is a need for your product. Research the company, talk to people from there to find out about the culture and the person to whom you are going to sell, what kind of negotiator he is.
  2. Make an effort to land to the decision maker, no need to negotiate with somebody who doesn’t have any decision power, push for a meeting with the person who has. If you managed to have the meeting, be on time and establish from the beginning how much time you have for the discussion, to make sure you get to your point.
  3. Connect to the person, create rapport. Do you share common values? Sport, food, books. Ask about family (do a small research first, make sure she is not freshly divorced and avoid to land into a #metoo discussion). Be authentic though, people sense immediately if there is just the intent to sell or somebody is really interested to create a connection. Open up, don’t be afraid to be honest and connect on personal level.
  4. The opportunity will come to switch to business. Stay present in the discussion and don’t rush it. Listen carefully and see what comes up. When it comes, try to look through their perspective, what do they need, what would raise their interest? What are their pains, name them. Keep your mind open for opportunities, do not come with an already chosen product. Explore and see what comes up. For example if you wish to sell a team-building, you can ask the following questions.
    • Do you have this in your culture?
    • Did you collaborated with somebody before? Why you wish to switch?
    • Did something recently happened in the company?
    • Are your employees demotivated?
    • You sense that they could be more productive but don’t know what to do?
    • What is the fluctuation?
    • Did you took any measures already?
  5. Be honest in your inquiry and genuinely interested. Try to find out if your product is really the best fit and option for that person/company. If it is not, tell that and walk away. Or maybe recommend some other company if you have some trusted partner who may be a fit.
  6. If you think it is a best fit, ask if you can come with a solution. Show in your pitch how collaborating with you will reduce the headache (personal immediate emotional impact on the decision maker) and increase the bottom line results of his business (benefits for the company).
  7. Be trustworthy and deliver what you promised, when you promised. Even if you agreed to send the offer in a few days, send immediately after the meeting from your smartphone a thank you email, name again what you agreed and invite to contact if something else comes up.

I am an optimist, can’t help myself. I see changed mentalities and companies who will make a positive impact in their communities. I see people looking for win win solutions and collaboration. If you wish some support with your sales pitch or materials contact me, I will be more than gladly to share my thoughts.

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