Increase right now your offline sales with 7 quick wins

There are certain periods in the year when all the retailers compete for grabbing the attention of their clients. Valentine’s Day is one of them, because customers are expected to buy gifts for their dear ones. The articles are bought 100% based on emotional decision, nothing functional with this occasion.

It’s time to do your best with the merchandising and use creative ideas to bind the customer emotional to your brand.

Merchandising ideas

  1. Signalize the products which are recommended as a gift idea.
  2. Choose articles to be sold “exclusive in this store” and mark them accordingly, creating the scarcity and urgency to buy right now.
  3. Signalize products which fit into a certain budget “Here you find gifts for 25 €”
  4. Offer a discount for the most wanted articles in the year “25% off for the best sellers of the year”- if you wish to have good results always choose a best seller for a promotion. Never take an article which didn’t sold well, reduce its price and hope it will work. It will not work.
  5. Use special placements with prepacked products as a gift, placed on price levels from up expensive to down less expensive, meeting the needs of the customers that have a limited budget, lack imagination and hurry to buy a present.
  6. Use a color pattern for the Valentine’s limited edition that you created, so the clients easily recognize the products dedicated to this occasion. Show this color pattern consequent through all your promotion and communication measures.
  7. Use visual symbols to direct the clients to the wished area: Personalized gifts, prepackaged gifts, Price levels etc.

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Ideas for emotional engaging the client

Every customer group has some specific interests. Based on that knowledge try to come up with targeted ideas that will determine him to enter your store and buy a product. :

  1. Use personalized messages on the packaging of the dedicated Valentine’s gifts or separate cardboard to be attached. You can invite the customer to choose which packaging method and message he prefers. They will love to have some autonomy in the buying process and the chance to make it more personal-  engagement. Find some ideas of messages below, though my suggestion would be to adapt them to the products and target customers you sell to, make them more funny, serious, sexy and so on: Enjoy the little things – I am the perfect plan for tonight – Beauty lies in simple things –  – Don’t forget to smile – Different means unique
  2.  Give the possibility to buy a special article (a small extra) unrelated to your product. It could be some chocolate with message, or a small plush toy, matching bracelets. Show it in signalized placements with large stock and make clear that one can buy it just as an add on to another acquisition. – opportunity
  3. Make partnership with some restaurants or spas and offer together with the acquired gift a discount voucher. – something extra
  4. Invite customers to send you a photo with the happy receiver of the gift and for every photo you receive, you will contribute to a social cause that you support. In this way you have engagement, contacts and also help the clients to feel good about themselves, because they contributed to a social campaign. – possibility to contribute
  5. Make a party for your clients in partnership with some location or in your store if the space allows it. Give them the opportunity to celebrate together with discounted ticket or free entrance, you decide. Make it a memorable shareable experience. You can find some partners to deliver you snacks and drinks for free and so you may be able to keep costs low. – community

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