7 ideas for a #worthtoshare customer experience

In order to prevent the declining traffic in your store and to stand out from the crowd, you need to think of innovative ways to engage your customers and to offer them experiences worth to share. When I talk about customer experience, I do not mean the classic topics that are a must have, like:

  • Enough products in the selling area  
  • Responsive, friendly consultants
  • Comfortable environment in the shop
  • Good return policy
  • No cue at the cash desk etc.

What I mean are ways that are worth spending your time on, which engage them in a fun activity, which make them smarter or more happy with themselves. Most of all they will provide them material to talk about.Turn your customer into your influencers with following ideas:

  • Make a gift to every 10th person who enters your store – surprise
  • Invite the 5 most loyal customers to have a coffee with your team – connection
  • Islands where customers can experience the production process of the clothing – information
  • Build your own product, offer a simple blouse where they can apply easily some quotes that you provide – engagement
  • Quote of the day, invite customers to give you ideas, check out which they care about – engagement
  • Corner where they can share amazing winter stories which will be the starting point for your next collection – engagement, emotional connection
  • Experience how to be a model, corner where you consult your clients to pick an outfit and make a picture, sharable on your channels – personal growth
  • Collections stating actual topics: I love to recycle or no food waste, work out, read more etc people who respond to that values will buy the products. – social care

If you wish clients and followers to talk about you and to support your business, you have to be authentic in your communication.

If you are exploting the production workers there is no way you can show a healthy production process. If you do not care about recycling they will find out if the campaign is just promotion.

The old way of thinking, habits and structure need to change. The strategy which sells best is to embrace kind and social aware way of doing business with focus on people and a higher purpose than earning a profit.

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