How can you stand out on Christmas?

My expertise is in non food retail but I can recognize good ideas in every industry and cross industry learning is a must nowadays.

I will write today a best practice idea from the group Ahold Delhaize, operating in Romania three different food retail concepts under the brands Mega Image, Shop&Go and an adapted, personalized brand for the country, Gusturi Romanesti.

I wish to point out from the beginning one of the strategies that I like the most. They have one local market adapted supplier label. Under this label they don’t just packed basic articles produced by Romanian suppliers (that too, of course), they tried to gather the cultural products, like sweets produced 20 years ago during communists times and specific Romanian holidays products. Doing this, they managed besides earning the good margin to also bind the clients emotionally.

For example I found this season the “Beef salad” which Romanians usually prepare at home for the winter holidays, decorated exactly how we were doing it at home when I was a child. We just loved to do that. And here I am, writing about it. This product earns a good margin and binds the client emotionally.

There are a lot of possibilities to surprise your clients if you set this as an objective for your product/marketing department. A small idea can bring huge benefits for your business with the speed that information spreads around through the social media. Did you enjoyed the article? You can read further similar articles:

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