Three reasons to manage the expectations of your clients

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Today I choose to talk about managing expectations.

Managing expectations is very important when selling a product to clients, especially online, but also offline. If the clients expect something different than they get you can have following drawbacks:

  • They return the product
  • They keep it, but they never come back to buy from you
  • They tell their friends about the disappointment

If you sell a product that is special and more difficult to understand, pay attention to details. Here is some inspiration from Barts company, who does it beautifully.

Barts is a company which is specialized in clothing accessories and it is based in Amsterdam. I choose to talk about the handmade beanie, which is a special product, crafted from a multi color yarn. Because of the qualities of the yarn and the hand knitted feature, the yarn rubs off fast and every product is different. 

Here is how the company turns a disadvantage of the craftsmanship into a plus for the product&company and it also manages the expectation of the clients:

They add two notes to the product as follows:

Unique craftsmanship: This unique product has a special look thanks to a hand made process. It’s irregularities and imperfections give each product its charm and authenticity. No product is the same, love it like we do!

Please note due to the characteristics of this yarn this product will pill rapidly.  This is part of the charm and authenticity of this product. Love it like we do!

By adding this notes they try to avoid clients returning the product by saying it has a wrong color on some points or that the yarn is to loose. Moreover they encourage to appreciate the differences because this is what makes every product unique and gives its personality. Grate example of turning a disadvantage into an competitive advantage and a good reason to increase the price of the product.

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