I’m the perfect plan for tonight, signed Mr. Wonderful!

Here I am continuing searching for good practices in the retail non food stores. Do you like my ideas?

I have always liked the atmosphere, design of the store and products from Oysho. Being part of the Inditex group, they have some competitive advantages, like negotiation power for the locations of the stores (lower rents) which allows them to invest their. money in other directions. It’s amazing how Inditex manages to do such a good job in do many different brands.

Oysho offers lingerie and home wear for a natural, independent and confident women who appreciates quality and wishes to be up to date with the style. As all the Inditex stores, the design of the store is aligned with the message of the brand. Products are placed on trend and category, except the basics who are placed separately. O every group they have w whole outfit, pijama, blouse, shoes etc, trying to sell up.

4 things I noticed and liked about their presentation today are:

  1. Penties packaged as a gift with message: “Enjoy the little things”. The packaging matching the product inside, message, color pattern allows them to upgrade the product which else they sell with the same price in a set of three.
  2. Surprising ideas with funny massage completing the outfit. The packaging imitating a popcorn bag with socks imitating the popcorn, with the message “I am the perfect plan for tonight. *Mr. Wonderful”. Cool idea for a guaranteed success, good stuff to share on social media.
  3. Give the clients more reasons to choose your product. They play with the words “WEARE THE CHANGE” and communicate to the customers about their care for consuming the resources responsible, suggesting at the same time that by choosing that product the customer will care, too.
  4. Use symbols to show the customer how the product looks like, if it’s a more complicated design. Meet the needs for clarity.

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