Do you wear the shoes of your clients?

The challenge I took to write from December 1 to Christmas every day, 5 best practices from non- food retail stores which increase the customer experience, is very difficult. I am trying not to repeat the strategies, which makes it evan more challenging.

Today I will review a Sephora Romania store. It seems that they are really wearing the shoes of the clients and have a pretty good idea what needs to meet. I liked the following practices:

  1. They have trash cans all over the store, I counted 8. This is very useful for a parfumerie store where the customers have to through away the test papers, make up pads, napkins etc. I also find it useful in other stores. Often I’ve been spending long minutes with some peace of trash in a store, not having the possibility to touch or test products.  
  2. There are napkins, makeup pads and cleansing solution on almost every end of the shelf. This encourages and invites customers to try different makeup products, which can be properly applied and than properly cleaned, so they can try the next one. This increases the chances of the people entering the store to buy.
  3. Every head of the shelf is transformed into an experience with the help of some cardboard shelves. A solution that looks very attractive is cheap enough, and easy to build. This allows them to change them regularly and in this way the appearance of the shop stays always fresh.
  4. I like the functionality of the eye shadow winter wonderland collection packaging, which closes with hidden magnets. Easy to close and open, meets needs of customers.
  5. The functional bags with minimalist products recommendation, from Benefit Cosmetics like “Date night with mr. Right!” or  like “City light, party night!”. It contains sets adapted for traveling, specially chosen for a simple makeup. This helps maybe undecided clients and also due to the reduced size of the products (and price), it’s more encouraging to buy and test.  

Check out Sephora Stands to see the effort of the brand to meet the needs of their employees and to contribute to the community.

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