Why should a client buy your product?

The Body Shop offers a higher reason to their clients to buy their products. They walk the talk and inspire and empower people to do the same. They change lives and have a story to tell, an amazing one.

#PlayForPeace is the hashtag that shows up again and again in the in store communication. The winter collection of The Body Shop is supporting a campaign which offers the possibility to 600 children in Libia to have a safe shelter, where they will be able to play for a year.

The collaboration with The House of Holland gives the winter limited collection a young touch, full of color and attitude.

Five things I like about The Body Shop:

  1. Focus point of the store transmits the value of the brand #playforpeace,  customers who share the same values will buy the products.
  2. Functional, playful designer Christmas collection which supports the kids in Liban – value foy your money, four features in one gift: The product itself, designer limited edition, reuse of the box and play a game (or save money), contribute to safety of the children.
  3. The hanged arrow in the middle of the entrance, which states 50% is a different way of stating the promotion compared to the classical window sticker. Clients most probably will stop to check what it is all about, because they will hit it when entering the store.
  4. The arrangement of the prepacked gifts at the entrance of the store is placed in such way, so clients who walk from the left or right will notice them.
  5. The explosion of colors in the store that makes a contrast with the natural furniture is unexpected. People passing buy are attracted by the playful and colorful gift boxes and the matching music. I would guess this is an attempt to bring also younger public to their stores, a very successful attempt I would guess.

When researching about the brand I discovered that the founder, Dame Anita Roddick, was a visionaire which run her business in an unconventional way, creating value for the world. Looking much forward to find out more about her and read the book: Business as Unusual, which turns the tables on the way society looks at business and forges a move toward greater corporate responsibility and accountability.

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