What if your clients lack imagination?

Yves Rocher is a concept which combines tree business lines offline, online and community selling through ambassadors. This gives a lot of stability to the company and offers the customers the possibility to choose between the preferred buying method. The stores are very small 30 sqm, which helps in keeping the costs and therefor prices low.

I will continue my project and review their store, finding 5 best practices which I further recommend. Click here to read about the retail advent calendar project.

  1. Consultants in the store greet every customer who enters the store. I know this is something that every consultant is supposed to do and that they are instructed to do so, the question is how you make them commit to the instruction? How you raise their engagement?
  2. New original way to give the opportunity to smell the sower gel. Creams one can test, but usually for the gels customers open one of the bottles. They decided to place open chemistry bottles with the product which customer can easily take and smell and also see the color. Not to speak that it reminded me of the chemistry lessons and the fun we had while doing experiments.
  3. On the price tag it was one could read that they offer packaging the product as a gift, for free. I liked the fact that they choose to communicate it on the price tag, where all customers look. In this way you can communicate different things that are important to you as a seller and make sure that the customer will read.
  4. There were to shelves (three meters) with prepacked products as a gift, placed on price levels from up expensive to down less expensive, meeting the needs of the customers that have a limited budget, lack imagination and hurry to buy a present.
  5. The limited Christmas edition has a color pattern that is also used in the in store communication. The clients are in this way simple and clear directed to the products assortment especially designed for Christmas.
  6. Some of the products come in a reusable metal gift box. This is a nice functional giveaway that customer will probably keep and reuse.

Doing some research about the company I landed on Yves Rocher Romania Facebook page. I have to give a big thumbs up for the support service which answers every comment, inviting followers to participate in solving the complaints moreover, they educate them by teaching, for exemple, how to set up an Instagram account on the phone.

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