How can you surprise your customers?

Today I will speak about shifting the focus from retail and get some cross industries inspiration.

I visited in Berlin the Drive Volkswagen Group Forum. The actual exhibition is named Shift and invites visitors to experience change and new ways of thinking. This is what I also invite you to do.

Due to the social media and the fast access to information, the communication of the brands has changed from one way, to two way communication.The customers, visitors and followers wish to be involved in designing the assortment and the experience, they give feedback and share things they like or dislike.

A single action of a company can totally change its image, either improve it or damage it.

Let me share with you some best practices used by the Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH together with the Volkswagen Group within their forum on topic Shift:

  1. At the entrance they used the a trick to show the name of the Exhibition “Shift” by placing the sticker upside down on the floor (like on ambulances) and visitors could see it normally in the mirrors above it which were covering the escalator. Amazing cool effect. Here a challenge for you, how can you surprise your customers using the furniture that you already have?
  2. The info-material projected on the wall was interactive. Touch the symbol to find out more! It was so much fun to touch every symbol, although I didn’t understood everything, but just the fact that I was invited to participate in the game was super cool. Thumbs up.
  3. Write down your own idea about how to save energy in the future. Take a picture! Of course I accepted the invitation, it was so much fun to think about it and the fact that my opinion matters.
  4. Kids corner: Paint your car and than take part of the contest. The kids had the possibility to choose a shape of a car and then to experiment the static energy. Good that there weren’t any kids around, because I enjoyed playing. Keep the kids busy so the parents can shop.
  5. Answer some questions to find out the vehicle that best suits you. After answering some questions about how often I drive, how much, how many persons and preferred dimensions of the vehicles, I got the result: Flying carpet. And I also got a coupon describing the features of my vehicle. Never too old to play and have fun. Of course this got shared immediately on Facebook.

Do you think you could get some similar ideas to surprise your customers in your retail store? If you need help, contact me now on +40729039511 or and we may discover them together.

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