Do details make the difference?

I am back from Berlin and still have interesting information from there to share. I enjoy looking for good practices in the retail stores, it’s such a good mindfulness exercise. If my mind is not quiet, I don’t notice anything or mostly negative stuff. The moment my thinking slows down, I start to enjoy the atmosphere and to observe the positive strategies. Read more about this project here.

Today I chose to review the Marc O’Polo store on Friedrichsstraße. It is obvious that it is between the stores that bring a high turnover to the company, confirmed by the fact that there is a collaboration with LPJ Studios, which sells unique specially designed products in their store.

Marc O’Polo is a modern casual lifestyle brand active in the premium segment. Their philosophy, slogan and values, “The freedom to be yourself” and “Follow your nature”, are clearly stated in the store, attracting long term clients who share the same values.

Five things I like about their store:

  1. There is a large space with sitting possibility in the middle of the store and free wifi (which is rare in Germany) where attending partner, (usually the man), can wait for the shopping person.
  2. The trying on waiting area has rocking chairs, retail is detail some say.
  3. The assortment is presented as shop in shop boutiques with outfit suggestions on certain color patterns.
  4. The story of the brand is communicated in a second waiting area with a natural design, matching the story. The waiting area is placed next to the second trying on corner.
  5. There is a coffee bar from where clients can be served with coffee.
  6. Next to the trying on corner is a storage with toys for children.

The whole concept (point 1,2 and 5) is designed to make the clients (and the person who accompanies them), to feel as comfortable as possible and spend as much time as needed in the store.

You do not want complaining partners that they don’t have a place to sit or bored children shouting at their mothers. Adding some coffee to the comfortable sitting place and they won’t wish to live the stores.

This gives plenty of time to the person who came for shopping to look, try on and buy.

If you wish to sell premium products, the quality of the articles is a must. The promise that you make to the clients has to be kept, like when you visit a 4 stars hotel. From a 4 star to a 5 star, the difference starts to be in the small details that you pay attention to. It’s not enough to have good quality products and be social responsible, this is a must, clients expect it. The difference in customer experience is made by details that you pay attention to and clients do not expect!

The shop in shop arrangement suggests to the client what to buy. Clients are not good in making up their mind when they face several options. Placing together outfits on specific styles and colors, increases the chances for them to buy a whole outfit.

When communicating the values of the company you will attract clients that share the same ideas. This clients won’t be one time buyers, they will return and be faithful to the brand, because we like to be around people who share the same ideas with us.

Did you enjoyed the article? Contact me to review your store and do find out tips and tricks to improve the customer experience. You can read further similar articles:

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