When it’s about chocolate, size matters

Today I visited one of my preferred destinations in Berlin, Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt. Translated this would be the Ritter Sport colorful chocolate world and they really manage to keep their promise if one decides to enter the store. This is part of my project, the retail advent calendar. Click here to find out more.

Up stairs there is an interactive museum which shows the visitors how the  cacao tree looks like and how the fruits turn to powder and then to chocolate. You can manually start the process by turning some wheels. Further you get to find out facts about the chocolate consumption in the world by completing some quiz and in the end you can take a family photo with the Bunte Schokowelt arrangement. They offer information while inviting the visitors to engage in the process.

Down stairs there is the colorful shop and a build your own chocolate factory. The factory allows you to choose which chocolate to use and what kind of additional flavor you want, biscuits, raisins etc. Another idea would be “Create your own personalized advent calendar”.

Customers enjoy having the possibility to create their own personalized product, they wait in line to have it done and also pay some extra amount of money for that.

Five things I like about Ritter Sport:

  1. The logo “Quadratisch, praktisch, gut” associates two features that you can observe, square and practically,  with a personal statement, which tell people on psychological level that the product will be good as it is square or practical.
  2. They allow and encourage to take photos in their shop. Nowadays one can get very fast free promotion if some influencer decides to make a picture or also if just somebody tweets some interesting fact about you.
  3. Christmas collection combines the tasty chocolate with functionality: advent calendar, chocolate christmas tree – you get mini Ritter Sport and the packaging can be shaped as Christmas tree where you can place the content of the box; chocolate post cards, chocolate tree decorations, chocolate box coming with a plate, Ritter Sport Minis packed as a meter of chocolate etc.
  4. Choose your own Christmas gift – you can pay per kilogram and build your own assortment of small chocolates as a gift. Customers like to have the possibility to build their own personalized gifts and are willing to pay extra money for that.
  5. 2 kg of mix chocolate package as a promotional offer, at a lower price, for the customers how want a lot of quantity and don’t care much about the kind of chocolate or the nice packaging. When it’s about chocolate, size matters.

They are doing a very good job in offering possibilities for every need of their clients, keeping them interested and engaged. 

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