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I am spending this weekend in Berlin and will try to write about some best practices from here. While having my morning walk, I ended up into a dm Drogerie Markt. I choose to check it out, because I have reviewed also dm Drogerie Market Romania and I was very curious to campare. You can read the article here. Click here to find out more about my project, the retail advent calendar.

The first thing I have noticed here made me sad. One can obviously see the products are adapted for the German market, not because retailers discriminate the Eastern Europe, how some say, because the people living

 in Germany due to the higher income, have a higher living standard and care about more sophisticated needs like niceness, comfort etc.

What I mean with that: in Romania they offer a wrapping corner, where you have the possibility to wrap the products you bought. You could find there the brown standard wrapping paper. In Germany the wrapping corner has three different colorful papers and matching ribbon.

The same difference can be noticed also in the own brand range of products, taking as example the diapers for elderly people. In Romania you can find the entry price range fitting men and women, here it goes to the extend they sell active grandpa diapers.

The same thing would be related to the sun care products, in romania they are considered seasonal products, they don’t generate much sales in winter and in Germany they sell them as standard all over the year product.

The differences in assortment are usually dictated by the needs of the clients related to their willingness to spend their money. If the majority of people in a country are at the level of income where they fight for paying the home utilities and buying food for the family, they will not spend their budgets on products which meet higher need than the basic ones.

The five things I liked in dm Germany are:

  1. In the kids department there is a baby changing corner, with table, diapers, wet napkins, single use gloves and disinfectant free of charge. They also offer the young mother’s instructions of how to change the baby, showing in this way that they don’t just sell products but they also educate their clients and create for the clients who are mothers, the possibility to spend a lot of time in the store.
  2. Further the kid’s corner is set up like a living room, with place to sit and several experiential toys for the young children, inviting in this way their clients to spend as much time as possible in the store.
  3. Show samples of the new product outside the packaging, you can see and touch the baby diapers before buying the whole package.
  4. Cardboards (clients can take them away and read the material) describing features of new introduced in the assortment products, were hanging on eye level on the shelves of similar products. It raised my interest and I checked some of them out.
  5. I have to mention again the four meters wide shelf of cosmetics products in small sizes. Shampoos, creams, deodorants and others. I find them very useful for traveling with the airplane or in the mountains, when one wish to travel light. I also find them useful for testing new products, when you don’t wish to buy a whole bottle if you are not sure you like it. Moreover, they where also selling empty containers for filling from big sizes, meeting in this way several needs.

Overall, I always buy something from dm Drogerie Markt when I enter a store. They have a grate talent of meeting with their own range of products detailed needs, that I am not even aware of. This is what I call good customer experience!

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