5 things I like about Lego

On the Saint Nicolas day I chose to write about Lego.  I wish to remind the players in the retail market that every business should follow a higher purpose in order to be successful and Lego is therefor an inspiration for me. The values they pursue to transmit with their strategy are: learning, caring, quality, imagination,creativity and fun. As I see it they represent the key ingredients to leave a happy life.

“Many creative people are finding that creativity doesn’t grow in abundance, it grows from scarcity – the more Lego bricks you have doesn’t mean you’re going to be more creative, you can be very creative with very few Lego bricks” says Chief executive Jørgen Vig Knudstorp.

Find some inspiration for your own retail stores of how to use an actual event in your marketing and product strategy. During the Christmas period, starting with 15 of November, Lego uses the following strategies  to meet the need of the customers, improve their experience and boost their sales:

  1. Signalize the products which are recommended as a gift idea.
  2. Created a lego figures advent calendar.
  3. They mark articles with the sign “exclusive in this store”, creating the scarcity and urgency to buy right now.
  4. They signalized the products which fit into a certain budget “Here you find gifts for 25 €”
  5. 25% off for the best sellers of the year – I learned from my experience always to choose a best seller for o promotion if you wish to have good results, never take an article which didn’t sold well, reduce it’s price and hope it will work. It will not work.

I wish you all a peaceful St. Nicholas day together with your families! You can find here the first article I wrote for this project, the retail advent calendar,  where I explain the concept.

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