5 thinks I like bout Diverta

On some days I don’t feel so energized which makes it really difficult to be nice to people, optimistic and supportive as I usually am. Same thing with reviewing the stores. This is why today I will have just four items that I like.

On day 5 of the retail advent calendar I will write about Diverta. It is a company who operates stores which sell books, stationery, toys and gadgets.

Here are some tips which I think improve the experience of the customers entering the shops:

  1. The cash desk is build as a round island in the middle of the department, which makes it easy to the sales consultant to greet customers entering the store and to further observe them and reach out at any moment. This is a great thing to do if you have, because of cost reasons, just one employee in the store per shift.
  2. The invoice, if needed, is printed at the same moment as the receipt, no extra waiting time.
  3. As a prolongation of the retail business they offer several services, I will mention some:
    • Selling tickets for different events as concerts, theater, workshops. Besides the small income they make, it also brings potential clients into their stores and position the brand as place where fun, culture, education is supported.
    • Offering the possibility to add a hard protection cover for the books. This meets a need and also sends a social message that books are valuable, which may bind customers to the brand.

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