5 things I like about Hervis

December 4 is Monday a not so good day for the retail stores. On Mondays stores usually have the lowest turnover and they use the time to prepare the store and the products for the rest of the week.

Today I will write 5 things I liked in one of the Hervis Romania stores. Click here to find out about the retail advent calendar project and the first store I reviewed.

Hervis is a sports retailer which stands for a better lifestyle through sports. Their slogan, get movin’ encourages people to do more sports.

Below are five details I picked from their stores which I think improve the customer experience, bind the clients to the brand and in the end increase the turnover.

  1. The banners which signal the clothes racks have a specific color for men, women and kids and are very easy recognizable. This make facilitates the client to find the article he came for.
  2. The height of the clothes racks allow a very good visibility to the focus points. The focus points which show clothing, repeat the same product on the upper two rows, so the client who sees it from far away to also have to possibility to reach it.
  3. In the shoe department there are plenty of trying on corners, so clients won’t have to wait or try the shoes on while standing if the store is packed.
  4. They offer the possibility to their customers to rent out equipment for winter sport for a day, a week or the whole season. This service is promoted in a focus point. I think this service increases the turnover and also attracts potential clients to the stores who may buy other articles as well articles. They will come at least twice, once when they rent and second when they give back the equipment.
  5.  Memory fit box for the custom shell boots from Salomon.

The last two points are related to the services that Hervis offers which shows to me a very targeted attention to the needs of the clients.

If I need to buy performance sports equipment Hervis is on the list of places where I stop. They are also doing a great job in extending the offline sales with the online store where one can find attractive offers. Follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook to make sure you will get all the quick wins for your business. If you like them and find them useful, share them to your network!

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