5 things I like about Cărturești

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For the 2 of December I picked Cărturești. 

Cărturești is a book store which managed to position itself as a brand. If somebody tells “I am going to Cărturești”, than you already have a picture in mind about that person.

What I like about Cărturești is:

  1. The homlike atmosphere with carpet on the floor, comfortable armchairs, slow music, quiet and calm  employees, which invites you to spend time there.
  2. The continuous fresh assortment of gadgets which attracts clients of any age. For example there is the only book store where I spend time with my nine years old son. He asks to go there, because of the kendamas they sell and I am happy to go because I love spending time in a bookstore and always end up also buying books.
  3. Gift wrapping corner with a wide selection of papers is for free. At peak times they even increase number of people helping out there.
  4. The products are placed everywhere like at home, on the shelves, tables on the floor and you cannot pass by them without checking. I always end up buying something else then I came for.
  5. The employees react very fast in opening cash desks if needed, so there would be as little as possible waiting time in the cue.

Besides what I named above I have found a lot of other features that improve the experience of the customers. For sure Cărturești can be a benchmark for the stores in the same industry.

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