5 things I like about Decathlon

Lately I noticed that everybody has the tendency to criticize and to assume the worst about partners, stores, companies, in the end about people, because at the core of every business there are people.

I decided to start a

Retail advent calendar,

to make an exercise of positive thinking and to point out some good practice strategies and quick wins for the retail stores. I will pick each day from 1 to 24th of December a store and will write 5 good things that I believe the company does to improve the experience of their customers.

This won’t be a product recommendation campaign but a good practices guide for retailers. I will do my best to name features just one time, at least I will try not to repeat them among the players in the same industry.

For the 1 of December I picked Decathlon Romania. Decathlon is a sport-wear large retail store which offers all range of prices from entry to high in own brand assortment and also brands.

5 things I like about Decathlon:

  1. You can test the products and nobody cares, unless you do some damage (how my 9 year old son describes it). I  always play table tennis with my son there and he loves to try out the new boards, scooter, footballs etc.
  2. They offer the possibility outside the store to play different sports like football, basketball for free etc.
  3. I love the functionality in the kids accessories, ski pants or roller blades that you can adjust and use for several years.
  4. I like that they sell own brands at a very good price quality ratio, form entry to high price levels.
  5. I like the detailed description of the products, stating for what performance level they are appropriate, what features they have with quality scala for each price level.

There are a lot of other strategies they use to improve the experience of the customers, they can be take as a benchmark for stores in the industry, although I would say there is nobody else in the same niche. This is also why they do so well, they managed to find a unique concept which the customer love. Overall, me and my son spend quite some time in there testing out new sports or sport gears.

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