Are you a troublemaker?

Today I decided to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the stores preparing for Christmas. This is the most intensive sales period of the year. I wanted to check out what new ideas they brought, to improve the customer experience and to boost the sales for the Christmas shopping.

Entering the first one, my attention was immediately caught by a focus point arrangement, promoting a product with the following name and features.

 “No troublemaker” 

Super fat

Super long


Do you guess what product is promoted in this way?

Please let me know in the comments, I am very curious of your assumptions. No cheating, don’t look it up!

I was so amazed and started to ask myself, what does “sex-proof” mean? What does the brand try to communicate? Is it the same as water-proof?  If yes, did they tested it, did several people had sex while wearing the product and it behaves well? So I decide to get information from the sales consultant.

His answer was straightforward and not at all clarifying: “H,hi,hi!” at the same time blushing. Than she continued laughing, telling that maybe the creators of the text got inspired by the slogan of some similar product, saying “It  feels better than sex”. He couldn’t provide me with further information, although it was the eye catcher of the store.

I really got puzzled. What do you think about this communication strategy? I don’t know how it is in other countries, but in Romania the sex topic is still tabu. People don’t feel comfortable talking about it. I started to look up the product to find out more. I will let you know in the next article what they tried to do. Stay tuned for the rest of the story!

Note: the image with the brand message is my masterpiece and it tries to give an idea about how the branding looks.

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